Our Ethos and Values

The Ark Project believes in the strength of diversity and individuality. Every young person that is placed within our services can expect to be supported using an approach that seeks to understand and accept them as an individual.

The fundamental aspiration is holistic, integrated and person-centred, empowering young people to make a successful transition to adulthood on their own terms, and looking to the future, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

The Ark Project understands that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to offering support and it recognises the importance of remaining focused, flexible and dynamic, aspiring to respond effectively to the changing needs of our young people, supporting them throughout their journey to independence whilst learning with them, and from them.
Every moment and interaction can be an intervention; every moment and interaction has the potential to open a door or close a door.

We are not the final destination for our young people, but we can inspire the footsteps on the journey that make all the difference.

Our support workers, managers and partners in the community, work together with each young person to explore, understand and come to terms with, their life experiences. This empowers them to strive for positive outcomes and overcome the challenges that life has placed before them.